Needed: Outreach Coordinator [Volunteer Position]

Feeding Canadian Kids works with restaurants in the GTHA to prepare and donate nutritious meals to hungry kids at after-school programs in time for dinner. Simply, too many kids are going to bed hungry and we want to be part of the solution.

We are seeking volunteer support from an individual who is confident in their ability to nurture new and old relationships.

The first activities of this role would entail detailed research into the location and contact information of after-school programs across the GTHA. *We have started this work already.

The second stage of this work would entail cold-calling after-school program staff to inquire about their perceived need for dinners. This type of work is well suited for confident and patient people! *All information solicited would need to be documented in an organized fashion to be used at a later date.

Please reach out to should you be interested in joining us as we fill the dinner gap in Canada.