Wanted: Jack Talks Speakers

Become a Jack Talks Speaker!

Change lives + gain skills.

Jack Talks put you at the centre of the mental health revolution, giving you the chance to educate and inspire young people in your community and make change across the country.

What do you gain as a Jack Talks speaker?

- Mental health knowledge

- Public speaking and communication skills

- The ability to captivate and motivate an audience

- The coaching, marketing, coordinating, and logistical support of the Jack Talks Team

- The opportunity to travel to other communities

- The favourable likelihood of being able to attend National Jack Summit

- The platform to spark and lead the mental health movement

Who can apply to become a Jack Talks Speaker?

Speakers must be 18 or older. We say 26 years old is the ceiling, but TBH, that's a loose restriction. As long as you’re able to relate to young people on a peer-to-peer level, we encourage you to apply.

What do young people get out of Jack Talks?

- An understanding of what mental health is and why it's so important

- Ways to identify if they or someone they know may be struggling

- Tools to use in being there for someone who is struggling

- Knowledge of how to connect to a variety of local and national mental health supports

- Methods of practicing self awareness and self care to build mental health resilience

- Inspiring calls to get involved and take action

If this is something you're interested in doing, click here to learn more and apply.